Traditional Services

Maximizing Proven Media and Methods

The media to deliver the message constantly evolve, but savvy marketers know that a good set of proven tools get the job done across various platforms and formats. Here’s what we’d like you to know.

Public Relations

Get your message to the right audience in a timely manner through the trade and general news media. We know what’s news, and we work with editors and reporters to develop news stories that match your message to their journalistic requirements. Here are some ways to tell your story:

  • News Releases
  • Case History articles that demonstrate solutions
  • Expertise Articles that explain trends and new solutions
  • Television and Radio interviews


Deliver your advertising message in a compelling combination of words and graphics. Good design attracts attention in print or on the Web or TV. Evocative words and music complement graphics or create images in a listener’s mind. Once you have your target’s attention, clear, concise copy strengthens your call to action.

Web-Based Communications

No medium reaches as far and deep as the Worldwide Web. It can distribute information, get feedback from customers and constituencies, and bring people together in online communities. How can you use your Web presence? There are so many ways:

  • Websites for information, e-commerce or both
  • Electronic newsletters and blogs with strategic links
  • Social networking to create online communities
  • Virtual environments that take interaction to a whole new level

Brochures, Newsletters and other Direct Marketing

Sometimes, a good printed piece can be just what your target audience needs to get your message. Other times, an electronically delivered piece with informative links to specific pages on your website can do the job. And in some cases, a combination of print and electronic communications hits the bulls eye. We seamlessly solidify your message and call to action across all platforms and media.

Presentations and Webinars

Today’s technology gives you so many options to mix your media in a single presentation. You can use text, photos and graphics to complement your spoken words and throw animation, video and soundtracks into the mix, too. Present the information live at sales meetings, conferences and webinars and have everything recorded for on-demand playback.

Trade Shows

Trade Shows let you bring your products and services to life, answer questions and either book a sale or schedule a sales call. Through our affiliated organizations, we can manage your trade show effort from exhibit design and construction to full show-floor services. Our marketing communications expertise includes

  • Designing and implementing a full pre-show marketing campaign
  • Arranging news conferences and editorial visits
  • Coordinating post-show fulfillment