Non-Traditional Services

Stan Stays Ahead of the CurveStaying Ahead of the Curve

Technology changes the way we communicate, and Schnitzer Associates is dedicated to helping its clients integrate appropriate technologies into their marketing communications mix.

Social Networking is a fast-rising set of communications tools that are changing how companies and their customers communicate through the Internet outside of traditional websites. Facebook and Twitter come easily to mind as networks used by the general public that have their uses for consumer marketing and very specific applications for business-to-business (B2B) marketing.

Many businesses are making use of sites such as YouTube to distribute “how to” videos as well as promotional messages, and they are using blogs and online forums to form online communities and encourage two-way communications in the marketplace.

Virtual environments are yet another area of cyberspace that can have marketing applications. We envision using this technology to create virtual showrooms and demonstration sites where industrial and technology companies can qualify prospects and have more detailed conversations with customers and clients. This can allow sales personnel to make more effective calls and increase the cost-efficiency of their visits.

We can help you make sense of this ever-changing communications landscape and choose an appropriate way – if there is one – to use technologies to maintain your presence. Contact us to talk about it.